Piiraisen Kuntta®

From Kainuu to all locations

Kuntta, i.e. a forest floor shrub-land transplant has become popular in recent years as yard/garden groundcover for summer cottages, private housing and public land. Transplanting low shrub-land enables you to acquire a ready-made, low-maintenance forest landscape for your garden. Thanks to its ecological value and low-maintenance, a forest shrubland transplant is an excellent solution if you are planning a naturally landscaped maintenance-free yard or garden.

Piiraisen Viherpalvelu Oy (Piirainen’s Landscape Services) is a middle-sized landscaping company located in Kajaani employing a staff of approximately 60 persons during the summer months and 30 during the winter. Our over 30 years of experience in landscaping and landscape maintenance guarantees that your forest shrub-land will be expertly laid, taking into account the demands and care of the site.

Piirainen’s transplanted forest floor Kuntta® is a forest-floor mat that mainly consists of blueberry and lingonberry shrubs, normally with some juniper, heath berry and mosses. Mixed forest shrub-land is suitable for all types of growing environments and it quickly adapts to the forest floor vegetation of the site. The forest shrub-land is extracted (saved) from forests that are going to be felled. The eight or ten square metre sized mats (2m x 4m or 2m x 5m) are rolled and delivered to your yard or garden at best within the same week as your order! If required, we will cut the roll into smaller pieces on site during delivery. However, we recommend that the forest floor transplant is laid in the largest possible pieces because there will be fewer seams and the root systems will remain intact, reducing the need for watering.


The best type of base on which to lay forest shrub-land transplants consists of sandy/light moraine or fine sand which binds moisture and is low in nutrients, preventing weed growth. We provide detailed instructions for preparing the site and if necessary we will be pleased to prepare it on your behalf. It is possible to lay the transplant yourselves but the forest shrub-land transplant is guaranteed to be a success when laid by our team of professionals and watered by the customer.


After your forest floor mats have been laid, you need to water your new shrub-land copiously, every day during dry and hot periods, for example. At the very least, the shrub-land’s peat layer should be thoroughly damp throughout. You cannot ever water the transplant enough and regular watering throughout the summer is recommended! If the shrub-land is laid in the autumn, make sure it is watered the following spring and early summer. It is easiest to use a sprinkler to make sure your new forest floor gets enough water. After being properly watered in its new location during its first summer and the following spring, your forest shrub-land will be practically maintenance-free and will not require any basic repairs. It is even possible to savour blueberries and lingonberries from your own yard or garden, during the same autumn.

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