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The Finnish word kuntta refers to forest floor taken from nature for laying as turf. It has become popular in recent years as groundcover for yards of private homes as well as for public green areas. Laying a forest floor gives you a ready-made and enjoyable forest landscape for your yard. Thanks to its ecological value and being low-maintenance, laying forest floor turf is an excellent solution if you want to plan a naturally landscaped yard.

Piiraisen Viherpalvelu Oy (Piirainen Landscape Services) is a midsize landscaping company located in Kajaani, Finland, with a staff of approximately 60 employees during the summer months and 30 in the winter. Our more than 30 years of experience in landscaping and landscape maintenance guarantees that your forest floor lawn will be expertly laid, while attending to the requirements of your site.

Technical information

Piiraisen Kuntta® is forest floor turf that mainly has blueberry and lingonberry bushes, normally with heather, crowberries, and mosses and sometimes a bit of lichen. A mixed forest floor is excellent for all types of habitats, and it will quickly adapt to any natural forest vegetation around the site. The turf is taken from forests that are to be felled. It is therefore “saved” forest grounds.

8 m2 mats (2 × 4 m) are rolled up and delivered to the customer’s site at best within the same week as ordered! If needed, we can cut the roll into smaller sections on site. However, we recommend that the turf is laid with the largest possible sizes, because there will be fewer seams and the root systems will remain intact, reducing the need for watering.


The best type of ground on which to lay forest floor should consist of sandy/light moraine or fine sand, as this will bind moisture to the turf and is low in nutrients, preventing weed growth. We will provide detailed instructions on preparing the site and, if necessary, will be more than happy to do it for you. You could lay the turf yourself, but having our team of professionals handle the job while you do the watering afterwards will guarantee that your forest floor lawn will turn out just right!


To care for your forest floor lawn, you must water it throughout its first summer. After laying the turf, you will need to keep it truly watered over the next few weeks, especially during hot weather. The easiest way to make sure you are watering your lawn properly is to use a sprinkler. After watering, the peat layer of turf must be thoroughly wet, all the way down to the bottom. If you will be laying the turf in the autumn, you must water it like this during the following spring and summer. When it rains, nature will see to the care of your forest floor lawn.

After the first summer watering when the turf has been laid, your forest floor lawn will virtually be maintenance-free and will not have any need for refurbishment. You can pick blueberries and lingonberries straight from your lawn after it has been laid, even in the autumn of the same year.

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